On Giving Presents



“There’s no problem a tube of lipstick can’t solve, if there is, then two tubes of lipstick.”

“There’s no problem a bag can’t solve, if there is, then two bags.”

“There’s no problem that a meal can’t solve, if there is, then ten meals.”

Scrolling through my social media feed the past months, these quotes on how boyfriends can easily comfort their easily angered girlfriends (or boyfriend!) keep showing up, and at first thought, these really strike me as sweet. I mean, which girl wouldn’t want a K-drama worthy romantic boyfriend to buy stuff for her when she’s mad?

With the gift giving triumvirate  – Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years – just recently passed, I can understand why these quotes would be out there circulating the Internet. But on deeper thought, I realise that these quotes aren’t quite as “cute” as they seem.

By minimizing someone’s anger to just merely giving a present (or two), to me, is just a little bit more than a little bit disrespectful. And the tone of the quote, too, suggests that people’s forgiveness can be bought quite easily. Not that people  would mind getting presents, but what I think people really want after an argument, is some understanding.

BUT most importantly, these quotes also show me how easy it is for people in love to forgive each other: maybe she already forgave you the moment you called her, and maybe he already regret getting mad at you the moment he hanged up… The present giving can just be another symbol of asking for forgiveness. “Hey I need to give you something” could be a lot easier to say, rather than upright blurting out “I’m really sorry, please forgive me, I was wrong that other day.”

Hmm… I guess, giving presents really is the easy route to go, though, because you really don’t have to think, and can just solve problems easily. It also takes away some of your burden and your guilt for making someone mad.

Anyways, these quote really aren’t meant to be thought deeply about, but those were just some of my thoughts.

Hope you get the right presents, and give the right presents the following year 🙂



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